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The Rolex Fastnet Race - bringing the old and new together

41 year after she last sailed the Solent, finishing as the winner in the 1978 Whitbread Round the World Race, the Flyer has returned to the waters that marked her place in sailing history. This time, unbelievably, it is to participate in the Rolex Fastnet Race for the very first time. The world is a different place now; off shore sailing is a highly competitive professional business compared to the more adventuristic character of the 70s. Foiling wings and light weight yachts vs 35 tons, genakers and code zero sails vs mizzen stay sails and bloopers. However, some might argue that not all changes are for the better and fortunately for the crew of the Flyer they can still rely on the trusted Blake Gosport toilet instead of having to resort to a bucket. What hasn’t changed in all these years is the competitive spirit and comradery that sailing brings us. The Rolex Fastnet Race blends together professionals and amateurs, the old and the new. Classic yachts get to meet as old friends and make new acquintances with the ultra modern and faster yachts of newer generations. It is a great pleasure and privilege for the Flyer to be part of this family. Happy saling and we’ll see eachother in Plymouth #rolexfastnetrace #rorc #flyer_zeiljacht

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